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The Vintage series(VBT&VGT) are designed to fit most guitars. Their body colors are warm(VB:cream,VG: beige), so they look very natural even if you put them on vintage guitars! The side and back surfaces are painted white. The VBT&VGT series make playing in the dark very easy! And new XBT series has come. XBT series glows blue stronger than VBT series, the body color is yellow cream.

VBT-50(blue 5mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,600)
VBT-60(blue 6mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,800)
VBT-635(blue 6.35mm(1/4inch) dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,900)
VBT-65(blue 6.5mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,900)
VBT-70(blue 7mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY3,000)
New! VBT-80(blue 8mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY3,400)
VBT-4555(blue 45mm*55mm*2mm/1pc JPY2,400)
VBT series sizes
XBT-4555(blue 45mm*55mm*2mm/1pc JPY2,400)
XBT4-4555(blue 45mm*55mm*4mm/1pc JPY2,900)
XBT series sizes
VGT-50(green 5mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,600)
VGT-60(green 6mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,800)
VGT-635(green 6.35mm(1/4inch) dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,900)
VGT-65(green 6.5mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,900)
VGT-70(green 7mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY3,000)
VGT-4555(green 45mm*55mm*2mm/1pc JPY2,400)
VGT series sizes


SBT-40(blue 4mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,400)

SGT-50(green 5mm dia.*2mm*12pcs/set JPY2,600)


Luminlay LED light charger
LL-1 (Luminlay LED light charger)  Price JPY 700/pc(Battery included)

Luminous matarial absorbs short wave lights such as blue,violet ultra violet. Some venue lighting systems do not, however, contain these light waves that Luminlay depends upon for charging. In such cases, the Luminlay light charger (which can be easily kept in a pocket) can be used to charge each position marker within a few seconds. If you put it into your pocket, you can charge lights on stage. This light charger features a super-bright blue LED with a rugged metal casing.


Side dot position markers

Fret lines for fretless bass

Luminlay knobs

Luminlay washers

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Pedal Toppers
for Effects

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