Q: How long will the Luminlay continue emitting light ?

A: If you charge a Luminlay dot just for several seconds, you can have enough emission of light for about 20 minutes. The emission will be weaker as time passes, but, when in a really dark room, you can see that the Lumilay dots continue to be luminous all night long. Actually, on a stage, the darkness will not continue so long, and when the stage is lighted, Luminlay can be charged also by the stage lights. The fact that many professional guitar/bass players love using Luminlay proves the effectiveness.

Q: How long and how many times can Luminlay be effective?

A:  Once Luminlay is installed, you can use it semi-permanently.

Q: Is the LL-1 LED Light Charger absolutely necessary to charge Luminlay?

A: No, not absolutely. But, if you want to see the maximum brightness of Luminlay, it can be said "necessary" . LL-1 is specially designed to charge Luminlay effectively and promptly. You can charge Luminlay by normal fluorescent lights, too. Some live houses use incandescent lights, but such lights are less effective to charge Luminlay. LL-1 is handy and effective to charge Luminlay.

Q:  Does LL-1 need batteries?  If so, what kind of batteries?

A: 4 x AG3 (LR-41) button battery are already installed in LL-1. When light becomes weaker, replace with new ones.

Q:  What are the characteristics of “blue” and “green”

A: “green” is brighter at the beginning, but “blue” is better in persistence. Anyway, you can obtain enough brightness from both, and you can choose the color as you like.

Q:  Do you have other colors like “red” and “purple”?

A:  No, at present.  There are light accumulating materials of different colors, but other colors than “blue” and “green” are not bright enough for our Luminlay standard, namely not bright enough to be used on darker stages.

Q:  What is the difference in effectiveness (quality) between Luminlay and what one makes, using luminous powder and transparent epoxy resin?

A:  Luminlay is made of supreme transparent acrylic resin and high density and the highest quality luminous material.  If you mix luminous materials which are sold on the market with epoxy resin, air bubbles get mixed in, and you cannot have enough brightness from the emitted light.

Q: How thick should one cut the Luminlay rods?

A:  A 3 to 4mm thickness per position (dot) will be the most suitable.

Q:  How many side position dots can one have from one 60mm Luminlay rod?

A:  The number of the side dots is 12 pcs., even with 24 frets, you can have enough pieces for one guitar, if you cut the Luminlay rod into 3-4mm thickness.

Q:  What sized drill bit should one use for inlaying SG-25, for example?

A:  Luminlay is made to fit, when the same sized drill bit is used.  So, use aφ2.5mm bit for SG-25,  aφ3.0mm bit for SG-30, etc.

Q:  Is tritium used in the production or are there any other health risks?

A:  All Luminlay products DO NOT CONTAIN any radioactive materials such as tritium, and any materals which are hazardous to health.
All Luminlay products are safe, being harmless, nontoxic and nonradioactive.

Q:  Can you deliver Luminlay anywhere in the world?  How much are the transportation charges?

A:  Yes, as long as there is postal service available.  The packing charges and postage are Japanese Yen 300 to anywhere and regardless of ordered quantities.

Q:  Do you have a distributor in each country?

A:  No.  We sell directly to users, in order to supply high quality products at reasonable prices.


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