What is Luminlay?


fluorescent lumi luminous side dot glow position mark inlay for guitar and bass

 Many professional guitarists, bassists have, for years, experienced the problem of insufficient lighting on stage. It is often difficult, if not impossible, for a guitarist or bassist to see the fret markers on the neck, especially during song openings when the stage may be unlit. There is, however, a perfect solution that we have devised for just such situations on stage: high-quality fluorescent inlays we call "Luminlay".
Of course, there has always been an option of using LED position markers, but why take the chance of possibly damaging the neck? Besides, LED systems require the use of an extra battery and their installations can be costly. Instead, why not try our new professional luminous side dots "Luminlay"? Some other brands have used glow in the dark material for side position markers, but the light emitted simply wasn't powerful enough. We too had experimented with glow in the dark materials that failed to produce a sufficiently strong output. However, after hours and hours of intensive testing ( involving the mixing of all kinds of luminous materials and plastics in various ratios) we finally found the perfect solution: "Luminlay"!

We developed Luminlay for professional use and we pride ourselves on offering a product that is of the highest quality. Because glow in the dark materials are difficult to use with extrusion molding, the shaping process used in the production of Luminlay is complex. While our position markers may not be cheap, we are convinced that Luminlay will satisfy the demands of even the most discriminating professionals. Our inlays comes with a small LED light charger that can be easily kept in a pocket and allows for charging of position markers within seconds.

Luminlay is the new generation of guitar side position markers.Enjoy!

Features of Luminlay

fluorescent lumi luminous side dot glow position mark inlay for guitar and bass
  • Made from glow in the dark materials of the highest quality.
  • Made in JAPAN
  • Luminlay IS different: its material has three times the mixing rate of ordinary fluorescent plastics.
  • Use of PMMA, the most transparent plastic available.
  • Even more glowing: it's painted white on the sides.
  • There are 2 different kinds of Luminlay position markers to choose from.
  • You can use a special LED light charger to activate Luminlay quickly.
  • Compared to LEDs, using Luminlay position markers will save you money and possibly prevent your guitar neck from being damaged. LEDs system is also much heavier than Luminlay system.
  • Finally, Luminlay will be easy on your eyes because of its soft yet powerful light.

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